Magnesium Die Casting

Magnesium is the most misunderstood and misapplied of the structural metals and it offers enormous advantages, especially in weight sensitive applications like hand held power tools, consumer electronics and automotive applications.


• Magnesium is 33% lighter than most aluminum alloys

• An astonishing 400% lighter than steel (four times lighter)

• Magnesium has superior vibration dampening and EMI and RFI shielding as compared to aluminum.

• It is 5-10X stiffer than most plastics and has comparable density to highly glass filled resins.

• Magnesium can be finished and decorated with virtually the same processes as other metals.

• 50% longer die life with magnesium tooling, reducing die replacement costs.


The lightest of the structural metals also boasts the easiest machinability of the metals, can be self-tapped in assembly with self-threaded fasteners and is the 3rd most abundant element on Earth with extremely low supply chain risk and low price volatility.


Modern magnesium alloys offer superior cleanliness in the alloy composition that allows magnesium to achieve superior corrosion rates in ASTM B-117 salt fog tests as compared to low alloy steel and A380 aluminum. Galvanic corrosion is a design concern with magnesium but our twenty-five years of application knowledge and our access to resources in the pretreatment, coatings and fastener industries assures our clients of successful applications without long term warranty exposure.

XingYuan deploys 10 cold chamber die casting machines from 300 ton to 2000 ton with fully automated controls for the melting, spraying and trimming for magnesium die casting production.

Magnesium Alloys

AZ91D is the workhorse of the magnesium die casting industry is used in about 90% of all applications and has excellent physical properties, great castability and performs well in most applications.

The AM60B and AM50B alloys offer higher ductility and are often selected when the application has fatigue or high strain requirements.


We can work closely with your design and materials teams to select the correct alloy for the application.

Die Casting Equipment

Cold-Chamber Press Machine 300tonYIZUMI1
Cold-Chamber Press Machine 400tonYIZUMI3
Cold-Chamber Press Machine 500tonYIZUMI2
Cold-Chamber Press Machine 800tonYIZUMI2
Cold-Chamber Press Machine 1000tonYIZUMI1
Cold-Chamber Press Machine 2000tonHPM1


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