Part Design and Design For Manufacturing(DFM)

PSA-Amplifier Housing

±3 is a technical expert in the application of heat sinks to electronics and LED's in automotive and consumer goods. When PSA was having difficulties meeting thermal management and cost targets with an aluminum extruded heat sink they reached out to ±3's team for assistance. The sound system amplifier was redesigned, additional parts were integrated into the casting and the customer's difficulties were solved at a lower cost. Let ±3 assist you with your heat sinking and electronics enclosures in both aluminum and magnesium.

• Designed with assistance from ±3 Engineers

• Converted a poor performing extrusion at lower costs to an aluminum die casting

• All tooling constructed by ±3's tool room

• Component is anodized by ±3 supply chain partner


Mold Flow and Tool Design

±3 utilizes JS Cast, the premier casting flow software to design runners, gates and venting. This excellent simulation software combined with our experience leads to exceptional quality castings. A variety of 3D design software is utilized to support die casting tooling, CNC fixtures and gage creation. We have been successful developing tooling for large die casting programs from customers like: VolksWagen, Tesla, and PSA Group.


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